Garage Floor Epoxy

Using a garage floor epoxy is one of the best ways to protect and cover your garage floor. Dirt, grease, UV damage, and grime can be eliminated by the use of epoxy. There are a couple of epoxies to choose from. Water-based products are cheaper, easy to use and keeps the anti-slipping texture. Solvent products are thicker than water-based ones and will give your floor a slippery look.

There are sealers that work internally in the cement and are rather inexpensive. With this type of sealer, you will perfectly apply the epoxy. Applying primer before allows better adhesion if you happen to have a slight moisture problem. You can place a rubber mat on the floor for a few days to test for moisture problems.

If you find your epoxy beading up after application, then you should know there is something on the floor causing it. Since the material used in epoxy is heat resistant, it makes it suitable for garage floors.

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